Chris Brannon Motorcycle Accident

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Chris Brannon Motorcycle Accident

Post by Ted Wells » Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:17 pm

OMR's own Chris Brannon, Mtn Home, AR, was severely and painfully injured in a public roadway motorcycle accident during the weekend of Aug. 16/17. Despite wearing the most sophisticated safety gear, Chris was really banged up....broken ribs, collapsed lung, broken collar bone, etc.

To find out more, go to then scroll down and click on the "Club Racing" section....then click on the forum for "T1, T2 & T3".... then click on the "Prayers Requested for Chris Brannon" thread.

This year, Chris has been racing his Pontiac GTO in the A Sedan class, but, in previous years, the Goat was classed in Touring 2, and Chris obviously has lots of friends among the Touring category road racers.

OMR Treasurer Jeff Moore talked to Chris Monday morning and reports he is experiencing quite a bit of pain while he awaits some improvement in the swelling and bruising caused by his upper torso injuries. Only then can he return to the hospital for various orthopedic procedures.

Chris's email address - or the only one I have, at any rate - is

I don't know if Chris reads these OMR forums....or if he feels like reading anything at all.....but if you see this, Chris....we're pulling for you, buddy and we're hopeful for a quick recovery. Hang in there!

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