March '09 Mini BLAT In Mail

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March '09 Mini BLAT In Mail

Post by Ted Wells » Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:41 pm

The March "Mini BLAT" is in the mail. Recent computer problems forced me to rebuild the database for the BLAT's mailing list. Locating the names/addresses of current OMR members and the "usual suspects" was not difficult and those persons will be receiving their BLATs shortly.

However, for those persons who have not received a BLAT in the past few months or have never received a copy, be advised that my current database does not include you.

If you want to receive the BLAT, send me a "personal message" by clicking on the "PM" symbol at the bottom of this post. All I need is your name and mailing address....for example:

Dizzy Leadfoot
2345 Ferrari Dr.
Maranello, AR 72666

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