OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

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OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

Post by flogger » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:39 am


Sunday, October 4th, 2015
Crowder Truck Driving School
Neosho, Missouri [Map]

Register Online!
[Click for online registration powered by MotorsportReg]
Additional MotorsportReg instructions and details here. Please pre-register online to save time on the day of the event.

Event Information Car Numbers and Classes
Car Numbers are exclusive for this season, meaning only one person is allowed to run a number during the entire year no matter what class you are in (e.g. Car number 10 John Doe in SS, you would not be able to use 10 even if you ran a different class). During pre-registration, if a number is not shown when it is time to choose, then it is already in use this year.

There are gas stations, WalMart, and fast food on Highway 59 about a mile North of the intersection of MO-D. There is no air available at the site, so prepare accordingly. Our friends at the Crowder College Trucking School usually grill lunch on-site at modest cost.

Directions from Springfield
Take I-44 to US 71 South, and exit at Highway 60 Neosho/Seneca. Go East to the light at US 59/71B (WalMart will be on your right). Turn right to go South on 59, and follow the signs for Crowder College and Highway MO-D. Turn left onto MO-D, and it will take you straight to Crowder College. Once you reach the stop sign at the entrance of Crowder, turn right onto Doniphan and head towards the windmill. Turn left onto National Guard Drive just past the windmill, and follow the SCCA signs and cones to the site.


Coming from somewhere else? Plug it into Google Maps:
[Google Maps - Crowder College]

Site Map - click to view

Run / Work
Typically, half of the classes run in one heat, while other other half help work the event. Then we switch after lunch. Work assignments will be balanced to ensure even work coverage for all stations in all heats. If you show up late to the event or late to your work assignment, you may not be allowed to participate.

If we have over 80 entrants, we will go to a three-heat format:
  • Work heat 1 / Drive heat 3
  • Work heat 2 / Drive heat 1
  • Work heat 3 / Drive heat 2
Crowder College has asked us to sign a waiver at every event in addition to the normal SCCA waiver. If you have access to a printer, please print and fill out a copy in advance so you don't have to stand around filling one out at the gate to the site. ... elease.pdf

Don't hesitate to ask any questions here or via our Facebook page. See you there!

Special Note: This is our 9th event for the year and takes place on Sunday the 4th. Saturday the 3rd is our 8th event, and they are separate and require separate preregistration processes. If you're coming for both days, be sure to preregister for both events. Thanks.

The latest word is that Crowder College's Trucking school will be grilling lunch on site for both days, so bring some cash and an appetite.
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Re: OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

Post by flogger » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:47 am

Note: Preregistration for the Saturday, 10/3 event closes at midnight on Thursday, 10/1

preregistration for Sunday, 10/4 closes at midnight on Friday, 10/2
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Re: OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

Post by flogger » Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:59 am

Results are posted
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Re: OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

Post by Kent » Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:38 pm

A big thank you Scott for getting the results posted so quick! :D

Great courses Sam! I really liked the open Sunday course, that was a more open course for sure.

Looking forward to next year already.


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Re: OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

Post by springfielddyno » Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:45 pm

thanks Kent. Nice to hear. For sure a pucker factor going into turn 1, that first 90 degree left... I wanted to get the speed up before that corner, but it would have been nice to get the speeds to the same point with a few more lifts along the way to limit the advantage that gives the V8's... The lot is just not long enough and I suspect the small FWD's felt the pain? M. Hill sure made the most of it :shock:

Now Saturday probably had grins on all the small FWD drivers faces...

Anyway, I think the two days balanced out nicely, and I wanted to end the season with a bang!


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Re: OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

Post by budweeks » Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:15 pm

Wow, how much different could two courses be that were designed by the same guy. Sunday I was pedaling just as fast as I could with my 121 HP......going to 3rd halfway down the first section and staying in 3rd gear up to the 2nd left sweeper in the far corner. Then hitting the rev-limiter in 2nd gear just before braking for the loop. It was fun, no denying it.

So, I don't know how many people were aware of the drama for Autocrosser of the Year points that was going on this past weekend. Sam, Opie, and Mark Foley were the only ones who could win the AOTY award for 2015. Everyone else could only play spoiler. Mark had three PAX wins, Sam and Opie both had two. The points came down to whoever won the PAX on Sunday would be the AOTY winner. However, Mark was not there. He had scheduled a vacation in Mexico back in January for this past weekend, not knowing what our autocross schedule would be. So, if either Sam or Opie won top PAX, the winner would be AOTY....if neither won, then Mark would become AOTY.

What least for an observer. In drives Mark Hill, the national-level driver from Lawrence, KS, with his Mitsu Evo in STU....turbo power, 4-wheel-drive, good rubber. Well, Mark comes away with the PAX win therefore making the other Mark, Foley it is, our AOTY winner for 2015.....during his vacation!

Again it was good the see all those people who came from out-of-region and thanks for all the hard work by the set-up and organizing people. I very much appreciate the organization that Scott Woosley brings to our Solo program.

And I'm looking forward to next year also.


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Re: OMR SOLO Event #9 :: 10/04/2015 - Neosho

Post by markyf » Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:07 am

Bud, good job winning the PAX on Saturday's event. You and Mark Hill saved me the win.
Mark F
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