OMR Solo 7/15/18

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OMR Solo 7/15/18

Post by budweeks » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:38 pm

Hey Everyone,

Did you survive the autocross on Sunday? How about the heat? How about the crossovers? Did you figure out the flow of them? OK, did you survive the last Chicago box? Think it was too slow? Yeah, me too.

Setting up a course, especially if you don't do it very often, is an exercise in packing a lot of activity into a limited period of time. That's why some people prefer to do set-up the day before. Good idea although you spend an extra set of hours of another day to do so. With this course, I just didn't have the time and I thought I could pack it all in. Almost did too, but in the end I ran out of time. If I had had time to walk it one more time I would have opened up that Chicago box.

Oh well. It sounds like most people had a good time anyway and figured out the crossovers. Maybe that's an idea we'll leave on the shelf. Maybe someone else can figure out how to make it visually more readable. I liked the flow of it and I thought it was fun to drive.

Congrats to Sam for top PAX. And look at #2 in PAX! Judah! Well done my friend. Thanks to all that worked to make the event turn out in spite of the heat.


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Re: OMR Solo 7/15/18

Post by springfielddyno » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:03 pm

Bud and all...

I think you set up a interesting and fun course, but I'm probably biased. I really was frustrated the first few runs as the course was hard to read esp at speed. The snowman section and run to the decreasing turn by the back barn was a hoot. Hitting your marks was key and hard to do!

So my stages of emotion were: Concern, Frustration, Challenged, then fun then lots of fun as the day went on... I still know I left 2-3 tenths on the table.

There is plenty of time that goes into course design and set-up... There was over 12 man-hours of set-up in the heat for the sat-sun 2 day divisonal last month. The lot makes it difficult to come up with unique layouts when you consider where cross-overs need to be/safety/grid/etc... THe snowman was unique and had a fun flow...

So thanks for doing the course. It was challenging and fun. I suspect if you would have had more time, the readability would have been better. You probably just needed a smarted group of FP drivers...


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