Idiot onboard!

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Idiot onboard!

Post by g3joshua » Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:12 am

Yeah I'm an idiot and made a huge mistake for most of the year. When I looked to see what class my car would move into when I changed the wheels I was under the impression that I would go from CS to CSP. That turns out not to be correct. After the last race I made, there was another 350z, but in BSP. I couldn't find it in the rulebook but did find an article on the SCCA site that said all 350z were moved to CSP from BSP in 2012, guess it was just a petition to do that and wasn't actually fact. I have sense met a friend that also runs a BSP 350z (not with OMR) that explained to me the rule set and showed me in the 2013 rulebook where I should keep an eye on what class I should be in.

I would like to apologies to everyone for messing up so badly. :(
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