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Road Racing safety gear - basic questions

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:49 pm
by jga0001
Went in on an existing chumpcar with a few friends from FSAE, we are all familiar with AutoX, but not so much with wheel-to-wheel racing. I am just trying to grasp the basics on safety gear... what works, what doesn't etc. Car already has window net, 5-point harness, and will have a fire system installed, but each person will need to buy their own suit, helmet, gloves, shoes, etc. I am personally going to get some sort of HANS, even though it could be considered overkill... I am just very fond of my current quality of life and have no intentions of reducing it. What do I need to know? Just go buy cheap used stuff and call it a day? I have an M2010 helmet for AutoX, but the rules mandate an SA helmet, and it looks like the 2015 helmets will roll out around October, so I may buy one then. Noticed there are several options on different types and brands of head and neck supports, any thoughts? Like I said, none of us have a clue, so any insight and experience is appreciated. Also, if anybody has items they'd like to sell, All 4 of us are basically starting at square one. Thanks

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:50 pm
by jga0001
Here are the PPE rules for ChumpCar btw.

3.10. Driver's Helmet: Undamaged, full-face, Type SA helmet, Snell SA2005 or SA2010, is mandatory. FIA 8860-2004/2010 certification is acceptable. No open-face helmets allowed. (Note: A closed or full-face helmet is defined as a helmet having an integrated chin or jaw protection piece. Visor use is recommended but optional unless the vehicle does not have a windshield – then a full visor is required.) Type M (motorcycle helmets) or other non-SA helmets are not allowed.
3.10.1. Sharing of helmets is not allowed due to size irregularities. (An improperly fitted helmet is of very little value in an accident.) Sharing of fire suits, gloves, etc. is allowed but not recommended.
3.10.2. Neck Brace - Helmet Support: A HANS, Hutchens, Isaac, or other similar, sanctioned race body-approved racing neck brace or foam racing collar is mandatory for all drivers.
3.10.3. Helmets showing any sign of abuse or accident damage shall be cause for immediately failure of tech and safety inspection.
3.10.4. Any helmet found with an altered or counterfeit Snell sticker shall be confiscated and not returned… and the driver shall be banned from that event.
3.11. Fire-Retardant Clothing:
3.11.1. All driver’s suits possessing a valid FIA and/or SFI certification shall be legal for competition, regardless of date of certification or manufacture; HOWEVER, any suit determined by ChumpCar Tech and/or Gear Inspectors to be worn, soiled, threadbare or generally below conventional safety standards shall NOT be allowed for competition, as designated at the sole, exclusive discretion of ChumpCar. Driving suits MUST have a valid SFI label/patch and/or a valid FIA label/patch. NO SFI or FIA LABEL/PATCH AND THE SUIT WILL NOT PASS GEAR INSPECTION. Any suit or other driver gear found with an altered or counterfeit approval label or certification shall be fined $500 and all driver gear shall be confiscated and not returned. Used NASCAR or other pro-series pit crew suits that do not have a current SFI label/patch shall NOT be allowed or approved… no matter whose team name is on the damn suit!
3.11.2. If using a single-layer SFI 3.2/A1 or 3.2/A3 suit, the driver must also wear fire-retardant SFI- or FIA-certified long-johns and under-shirt. Multilayer suits rated SFI 3.2/A5 or higher are highly recommended and may be worn without long-johns or under-wear. Fire-retardant FIA- or SFI-rated socks, racing gloves and shoes are also required with all single and/or multi-layer suits.
3.11.3. Balaclavas are strongly encouraged but are not mandatory. Balaclavas of accepted fire resistant material are required for drivers with beards, or (male or female) drivers with long-hair that is not fully covered by their helmet. Hair protruding from beneath a driver’s helmet shall be completely covered by fire resistant material. As an alternative to balaclavas, a full helmet skirt of accepted fire resistant material may be used.
3.11.4. All driver’s safety apparel must be generally clean and in serviceable condition. Any item showing excessive wear, fraying, tears, holes, grease/oil stains or other conditions that are deemed by ChumpCar Officials to reduce or negate the item’s designed effectiveness will not pass tech.