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SCCA Autocross Classing Overview

Post by JimR » Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:08 pm

SCCA Autocross Classes
Full rules and breakdown by category at

Where is my car classed?
  • Appendix A - Automobile Classes on the above rules page lists makes and models by modification level and class.
  • Browse the SCCA cheat sheet to get an idea: Category Quick Reference
  • If need some direction, just ask. Let us know the year, make, model, and trim level, and what kind of modifications you have done. Our club is run by volunteers, and we monitor these forums and our Facebook page (
  • Browse this Autocross Allowances Chart (click to enlarge)

Will I be competitive?
Don't worry too much about that. We're here to have fun, first and foremost. Bring a friend, and see who is fastest. Maybe pick a similar car to yours and see how you do. This is a social sport for all experience levels, so get to know the other drivers and see what techniques can improve your skills and vehicle. The class ultimately amounts to some letters on your door that help us track your times.

Why so many classes?
The Sports Car Club of America has been around since the 1940s, and has welcomed every make and model of performance car made since. Autocross accommodates a variety of modification levels, from stock daily drivers to purpose-built autocross racers. Over 1,300 drivers compete in all of these classes at the annual National Championships, some decided by thousandths of a second. You can build your car to limits of one of these classes and test your skills against the best around the country, or you can just modify your car the way you want and have fun at local events. The goal is to have a place for just about any safe, mechanically sound car.

Autocross Categories

What: Largely unmodified passenger cars on street tires (200+ treadwear) and stock springs.
Example modifications: shocks, front or rear sway bar, brake pads, cat-back exhaust, wheel diameter +/- one inch.
Classes: Super Street (SS), A-Street (AS) through H-Street (HS).

Street Touring
What: Enhances Street category with a few popular bolt-on suspension and engine upgrades. Still limited to 200+ treadwear street tires, and wheel width is limited by class.
Example modifications: coilovers, ECU reflash, intake, headers, aftermarket seats.
STS – light, sharp-handling compacts and early Miatas
STH – hot hatches and boosted compacts
STR – roadsters and two-seaters
STX – sedans, four-person vehicles
STP – pony cars
STU – rally fighters, some Corvettes

Street Prepared
What: A step above Street Touring with unlimited wheel width and DOT R-compound tires (Hoosier A7, Kumho V710, etc.), and some additional engine, durability, and aerodynamic allowances.
Example modifications: flywheel, wide wheels, duckbill spoiler, splitter, A/C removal, some update/backdate parts swaps within like models of a same generation.
Classes: Super Street Prepared (SSP), A Street Prepared (ASP) through F Street Prepared (FSP).

Street Modified
What: Street Prepared cars with forced induction upgrades, engine swaps, and bigger wings.
Street Modified (SM) – mostly four-passenger style cars
Super Street Modified (SSM) – mostly two-seater cars
Street Modified FWD (SMF) – playground for modded FWD cars

What: Racy, gutted autocross and road racing cars based on production cars or certain full-fendered vehicles. Full racing slicks are allowed, and vehicles are typically trailered.
Classes: C Prepared (CP) to F Prepared (FP), X Prepared (XP)

What: A mix of purpose-built autocross specials, open-wheel and sports racers, and extremely modified production cars. Cars that don't have a home elsewhere typically land here.
Classes: A Modified (AM) to F Modified (FM)

Special Classes
See class descriptions and handouts on the SCCA Rules page at top.
  • Classic American Muscle (CAM): pro touring style American V8 cars with 200+ treadwear tires, at least some sort of interior, and few other rules. Race what ya brung.
  • Solo Spec Coupe (SSC): spec class for 2013-2016 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ with limited modifications purchased as package via Tire Rack.
  • Heritage Classic (HC): for vintage street and race cars
  • Formula SAE (FSAE): college engineering students' racing program
  • Kart Modified and Junior Karts (KM, FJ): karting classes for adults and minors. Contact the host region before signing up, as there are special requirements to host karts at an autocross.
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