OMR's annual Tombstone Rally (gimmick road rally) is scheduled for Saturday, October 26th.

 OMR SCCA 2019 Solo schedule

 Note: September 1st, 29th and October 20th are at Ozark Empire Fairgrounds

Ozark Empire Fairgrounds specific special instructions: 

No smoking, no animals except service animals, no bikes, skateboards or scooters.  Site open to public 7:30AM - 4:00 PM.  Setup/teardown MUST be done between 7:00 and 4:30, so we have to hustle. Access is via Norton Road. Paddock/parking is just South of parking lot which is used for grid/course. 


Please note the color coding on the links below as described at the bottom of this page!

Mar 24* April 28 May 26 June 23 July 19-21** Sept1 Sept 29 Oct 20  Nov 10

* preseason non-points event (was cancelled due to lightning forecast  :-( )

**2019 MiDiv Solo Series by SPS and R&S Racing event hosted by OMR. 2 day, 2 event Midiv weekend counts as TWO OMR regional events this year.

 June 23 event was cancelled due to rain/flooding, so Nov. 10 makeup date is being utilized as a season points event

No Karts allowed for safety rules limitation and certification reasons. OMR doesn't have any karting competitor members or Junior Kart Stewards as required by SCCA for karts to operate, and as a results our courses are not designed with kart considerations in mind.


Dates in green will be held at Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.

 All events listed utilize our onsite, WiFi based, live timing and scoring system. Log in onsite with your device and watch the day's results unfold.  It's pretty slick.  :-)

Events in blue will be at Crowder College, events in green will be at Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, in Springfield, MO. Events in dark blue are pre and post season events, held at Crowder.