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Solo events are currently held at  Crowder Truck Driving School in Neosho, MO and at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, MO

Ozark Empire Fairgrounds info:

address is 3001 N Grant Ave, Springfield, MO 65803, but enter via driveway from Norton Rd on the SW quadrant of the facility

Venue specific special instructions: 

No smoking, no animals except service animals, no bikes, skateboards or scooters.  Site open to public 7:30AM - 4:00 PM.  Setup/teardown MUST be done between 7:00 and 4:30, so we have to hustle. Access is via Norton Road. Paddock/parking is just South of parking lot which is used for grid/course.  Obviously no hooning, and there may be special noise considerations beyond what we've had to do at our very remote site at Crowder College.



Crowder College Main building/entrance

Maps: Google Maps / Bing One-Click Directions

The Crowder Trucking Schoo (where we hold many of our events)l is on the Crowder College campus, to the east.


Directions: Take US 71 to Neosho, MO (from Springfield, drive I-44 to Exit 11A for US 71 South). Take the Neosho/Seneca US 60 exit, and go East on US 60 to the intersection of Highway 59. There is a Walmart and a sign for Crowder College at this intersection. Turn right, and go 1.3 miles South on Highway 59, and turn left onto Missouri Highway D (Lyon Drive).

Missouri Highway D leads to the entrance of Crowder College. Just beyond the railroad overpass, turn right onto Doniphan Drive and go approximately one third of a mile. Turn left at the street just past the large windmill, now known as National Guard Drive (formerly Benton Avenue). At this intersection, you will also see a military tank. Follow National Guard Drive to Thain Street and then right onto Laclede Avenue to the event site.



Typical schedule, but refer to motorsportreg preregistration process for specifics

8:00am - Registration opens 
10:00am - Registration closes 
10:15am - Drivers meeting 
10:30am - Timed runs begin.

Be on time to keep the event running smoothly! Latecomers may not be allowed to compete.

What do I need?

 Rates depend on event and are specified on during preregistration, we now accept online payment.

If you register onsite the morning of the event we only accept cash or check for payment

- Entry fee: $35 for SCCA Members, but anyone that pre-registers on this site will receive a $10 discount
- Entry fee: $55 with Weekend Membership for non-SCCA members, but $10 discount for preregistering
- Valid driver's license 
- Safe car in good working condition 
See details below


Safe, Working Car 
Most passenger cars and 2WD light trucks in good running order are allowed. SUVs, 4x4's, minivans, tall/narrow vehicles, and other rollover-prone vehicles are obviously a bad idea and cannot compete. Before registration, all cars are checked for loose wheel bearings, steering wheel play, and anything unsafe for autocross conditions. Make sure your battery is held tightly in place, the throttle return works, the brakes function, and that nothing is leaking. Note: Adequate mufflers are required at all events. Ducks Stadium in particular borders a residential neighborhood, and excessively loud cars are one way to make us lose our site.

Driver's Licenses, Minors, and Waivers 
All persons entering the site will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement (SCCA form MS-1).

Everyone under age 18 on site must have a Minor Wavier (SCCA form MS-2A) on file with OMR, competing or not.

All event participants except those in the Junior Kart program must present a valid driver's license at registration or as requested by event officials. Drivers under 18 with only a driver's permit (rather than a full license) must abide by the laws of the issuing state. If the permit requires an adult passenger, he or she must be a parent or guardian unless given signed permission by the parent/guardian and prior approval of the Solo Safety Steward.

Also, everyone under age 18 on site must have a Minor Wavier (SCCA form MS-2A) on file with OMR, competing or not. For competing minors, both parents or guardians must sign the wavier once every calendar year. All parent/legal guardian signatures must be witnessed by an adult SCCA member. OMRSCCA requires that any Minor Waiver form signed off-site be witnessed in the presence of a Notary or OMRSCCA Board of Directors official. Children under 12 or minors only spectating are not allowed in "hot" areas such as course and grid, and must have one parent or guardian sign a Minor Wavier on a per-event basis. 

Show up on time 
You want to have time to prepare your car, tech, register, and walk the course. Lateness makes the day longer for everyone, so get to registration before it closes, or you won't be able to run.

Children and Pets 
Children under twelve and pets cannot be in the grid, on course, or near the start/finish areas. Even minors only present in a spectating capacity must have a signed minor waiver as outlined above. Children no younger than 12 years old may ride along with an event participant, provided an approved helmet is worn and safety belts are securely fastened. Pets must be on a lease, no exceptions.

A helmet must be worn during runs. The club has loaner helmets to wear at no cost for those not possessing a helmet of prescribed standard. If you want to bring your own helmet (most eventually do), it must be Snell rated for "M" (motorcycle), "SA" (automobile racing), or "K" (kart) rated (or one of the less common SFI/BSI standards below). "DOT" rating alone is insufficient. At the time of this writing, Snell-2005 and newer rated helmets are the rule.

Only helmets carrying one of the following certifications are allowed:

Snell  M2005, SA/K2005, M2010, SA/K2010, M2015, SA2015, CMR/CMS2007

SFI 31.1, 41.1, 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A, 41.2A
ECE R22.05
FIA standards 8859-2015, 8860-2010, 8860-2004
British spec BS6658-85 type A


Snell Helmet Sticker Example 
Check for the Snell sticker in the lining of a helmet.

And of course, have fun!